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AEM Cold Air Intakes - What's Required to Install?

A lot of car enthusiasts are also self proclaimed car tuners but when it comes to installing a car or truck cold air intake, you just need to have a general idea of what is needed, some basic tools and the instruction sheet that comes with an AEM cold air intake.  The AEM cold air intake is one of the market's top of line cold air intakes and it has the capacity to enhance your car's horsepower up to five horsepower or more. And while for some it may seem like great feat to install cold air intakes like AEM cold air intakes, it is actually very easy if you have the basics. Just like what most experienced car tuners would say, you need to be familiar with your own car's engine bay. This would help you learn more about the layout under your hood which will allow you to easily install cold air intakes. The instruction sheet will give you details for the basic steps you will need to perform.  The first thing you need to do is to locate the big black box that is directly connected your car's intake manifold. Different car models have different layouts so if you are not quite sure where it is located; you can consult your car's manual. The black box is your air box and it houses your OEM air filter.  You will need to remove it by taking out the screws that hold it in place or some just pop out with a little effort. After removing the airbox, you also need to remove the tube that connects the entire device into your intake manifold. Now you're on your way to disconnecting the OEM air intake.

As part of the OEM intake removal you also need to make sure that all wires connected your car's engine from your old intake are disconnected. Most cars and trucks including compact sports cars have a plug connected to the intake manifold from the OEM air intake. This is the mass airflow sensor connector.  You need to remove this plug so you can pull out the entire air box. There may also be additional parts in your engine that you will need to remove when taking out the air box.  Once your old air intake has been removed, you are now ready to install your new AEM cold air intake. Take it out of the box and start to get acquainted with its different parts.

Your AEM cold air intake package will usually include a Dryflow air filter, one or more metal intake tubes, hoses, clamps, and screws. And because the AEM is a cold air intake, you need to make sure to install it as instructed in the manual. It must be installed from outward to inward and because the air intake will be installed outside your engine bay, you need to set it up first. Different car models have different layouts of the engine bay but the AEM cold air intake instruction manual will help you identify the layout of your new air intake. Most cold air intake filters are located in the car's front fender.  Since AEM cold air intakes are made to work with your engine's electronics there's no need for tuning after the installation.  Once everything is in place, your car's computer should fully adjust to the higher air flow after a hundred miles or so for more horsepower and torque.  Now that you know the basic steps required to install an AEM cold air intake find one for your car and follow AEM's detailed instructions and get more power and growl for your car.

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